FAITH MATTERS is a conversational,  half hour on Facebook, Thursdays at 5 pm.  We’re live streaming from our sanctuary, with Pastor Kent, Susan Loker, Rick Gladding and members of the church family.  It is an informal “faith-lift” for your week to share ideas, to pray together and to stay connected spiritually with God and one another.  If there are topics you’d like to hear about, send them to farmingtonnhucc@metrocast.net.  

Watch us at  facebook.com/farmingtonnhfirstcongregational

Ongoing Events



Choir Rehearsal

   8:30 am


   10:00 am   


   11:00 am

Brown Bag Sunday

   This benefits the Food Pantry;

   Third Sunday of each month

Blessed Bargains Sorting

   10:00 am - noon Tuesdays

Interfaith Food Pantry

   9:30 - 10:30 am last Saturday      of the month except August

Cub Scouts

   Wednesday  6:15